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In a fast-paced business environment, technologies and IT advancement have developed and transformed to be one of the crucial business operations factors twice faster than a decade ago. At Konica Minolta, our professional research and development team dedicated to improving and coming up with IT solutions that can be adapted and suitable for all type of business sectors. We do not only provide an IT product or solely for business solution but instead, we do product as a service by specialist team which covered all from consulting, planning through implementing and after sale services. Besides, we also monitor, looking out for problems specially for our client daily to prevent such a severe unexpected circumstance. We, as the professional service provider, would like to make sure that in every step our client go through is strongly impactful to the business world and operated with flying colors.

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จัดหาอุปกรณ์ IT ครบวงจร

ติดตั้ง และวางระบบ Server

อุปกรณ์จัดเก็บข้อมูล (Storage)

อุปกรณ์ Network และ Security

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Advantages of having One Stop IT Service Provider

IT systems of organizations are the heart of the business today. We’re capable to work anytime and anywhere via the internet. Moreover, data can be transmitted in and out from the network system within seconds. How can organizations ensure the current IT infrastructure and network are stable and secure enough? to prevent business confidential data leakage or unexpected issues that cause the whole business stop operating. With the above reasons, every organization needs a professional IT support provider who is the significant partner that will take care of and resolve all IT related issues for you to drive the business smoothly and effectively.

✓ Providing the complete IT services just in one place. For instance, hardware, software and solutions. So, there is no need to contact and hire multiple IT service providers at the same time

✓ Providing IT consultancy, taking care of and checking the work performance of the IT system and hardware to minimize the problem occurrence

✓ Flexible and customizable! whether you want to implement the new IT system or upgrade an existing system. We are ready to provide services with meet the international standards.



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