Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies and other tools to differentiate your website usage from other users, which enables you to experience better services from the website and to helps us with the website quality improvement.  Should you continue to use this website, you will be considered giving us the consent for the installment of the cookies on your computer.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files which store usage data for a certain website, i.e., dates, time, clicked links, pages, and other settings by storing them in your computer and/or other communication devices, such as notebook, tablet, or smart phone via browser while you’re using the website. Cookies are completely harmless to your devices. In a certain case your personal data may be collected for better experiences in using on-line services by memorizing language identity and adjust your data to suit your necessity and to identify your personality as well as your safety data and services you interested in. Moreover, cookies are used to quantify the amount of provided online services and, by anticipating from your previous uses, the contents of services will be adjusted accordingly to your behavior.  For the time being, cookies are used for advertising purpose.

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How do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to accumulate your visits and interaction of the website which will helps enhance the algorithm and this same set of data will also be used to improve Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s website to better suitability of the information to meet your necessity and for better experiences. In some cases, Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. requires a third party to implement said information and it may require an IP Address and cookies to analyze statistics, data connection, and for marketing purposes.

Cookies which we use may be classified in two different types, as follows:

  1. Session Cookies, which are the cookies temporarily existing to memorize your Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s website usage; for example, tracking your choice of languages, etc., and it will be removed from your computer or devices when you leave the website or close the browser.
  2. Persistent Cookies, which are the cookies existing for a definite time or until you delete them. These cookies help Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s website memorize you and your various settings when you return to the website again, which enables you to use the website services more convenient and faster.

The cookies using purposes of Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. are as follows:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies. These cookies are important for the website to function including the cookies which enable you to safely access the information and use the website .
  2. Analytical / Performance Cookies. These cookies help us memorize viewers and track the website visits. It also helps us realizing viewers behavior while occupying the website for further improvement of the website function to better the quality and user suitability.  It also gathers the statistical data on how the website is accessed and interacted, allowing users to look for the needed information easier and also helps us understand users’ interests and evaluate our advertisement efficiency.
  3. Functionality Cookies. These cookies are used to memorize you when you return to the website which helps us with the content selection along with the website environment to meet your requirement which includes settings you opted; for example, languages, region, fonts which you chose to use with the website.
  4. Targeting Cookies. These cookies will record your browsing history, visited pages and the links you’ve clicked.  We will use this information to adapt the website and contents appeared on the web pages to match your preferences.  And for the said matters, we may share this information with third parties for such purpose.
  5. Advertising Cookies. These cookies are used to memorize your settings for the website and use as materials to select the most suitable advertisements for you. To illustrate, offers you an  advertisement that might interest you,  prevents or restricts any repeated advertising to further determine the efficiency of advertisement.  Please note that some cookies on the website are being managed by third parties as for the advertising network in various means i.e., video, map, social media services, and external website providers in term of service analyzing of website viewing, etc.  These cookies are used for an analyzing /as an efficiency indicator or improve  contents to suit the specific target.  Please be sure to study the cookies and privacy policy in the third party’s website in order to understand how they may use your data.

How do you manage the cookies?

Most browsers are set to accept cookies as an initial setting.  However, you may reject the cookies or remove them from your browser.  If you adjust your setting on your browser, it may affect the appearances and functions of our website.  If you wish to proceed, you may find an additional details at the following links below:

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However, please note that if you choose to reject the cookies on your browser or devices, it may affect some of Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s website functions or it may interrupt some services.

Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will not be responsible nor involved with the website, including its contents, on the website as mentioned above.

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Data Connecting with Other Websites

Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s website may connect with the third parties’ websites or social media and there might be an embedding of the contents or videos from the social media; for instance, YouTube or Facebook, etc. which will enable you to access the contents and encourages you to interact with others on Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’s social media. Other website or social media might have been set automatically in which Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. may not have control over. You are advised to investigate other person’s cookies policy before engaging.

Changes to the Announcement

This announcement may be changed overtime in order to comply with the coming situations and actual services. Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will notify about the changes on this website. Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. suggests that you must understand the changes of those upcoming conditions.

In case you have questions relating to our Cookies Policy, please contact us at:

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