Our service regarding to Cyber Security Solutions

  • Analyze and examine the vulnerabilities in the network for initial troubleshooting
  • Update version of the operating system and software 
  • Install and update a efficient antivirus or firewall
  • Install a backup system to prevent data loss
  • Set up the detection and data leak prevention (DLP) system

PDPA Consulting Services

  • Analyze document workflows and storation
  • Check all the data flow
  • Check the working status of the network, equipment and security systems.
  • List action items that need to be corrected or improved and propose the project plan
  • Conduct the course about PDPA and document classification
  • Provide a consultation on the formulation of the privacy policy on the website and personal data consent

PDPA Solution Implementation

  • Install or improve a document management system
  • Install or update firewall and antivirus
  • Set up the detection and data leak prevention (DLP) system
  • Protect sensitive information with data encryption
  • Define permissions to access and use document files
  • Record and check the document files access


Worry free about auditing or violations of personal information

Reduce time of self-study, prepare, and seek multiple service providers to install different software or solutions

The significant information of the organization and personal data will be stored, published and distributed securely and systematically.


Enabling your ability to work anytime at anywhere with cloud solutions. Konica Minolta is a professional service provider specialized in IT and business solutions. We will make sure that in every step of your business progresses are strong and impactful with our one stop service from consulting, planning, implementation and after sale service.

Cloud Server Rental Service
  • Consistent
  • Flexible
  • 24 hours operation
  • No need for huge investment
High Capacity of ERP System
  • Prestige performance
  • Enhance working performance connectivity in the organization
Workflow Software
  • For approval workflow and information management
  • Cost controllable


Upgrading Program
  • Work and auto save your files anywhere with M365 on cloud 


Document Scanning to Folder on Cloud
  • Convert physical file to digital file to enable the ease of use and security.


Our World Leading Brand Partners

IoT Server Room Monitoring Solution

Server room is like the heart of the organization. Monitoring and spotlight the problem right at the moment it occurs, is a must. Konica Minolta Solutions and Services deliver the Server monitoring solution to reduce the risk of server instant stop working due to various factors. In the meantime, besides monitoring, the solutions also examine all the server room equipment that might lead to problem occurrence in the future and prevent such an unexpected situation.


Ease of Use

Push Notifications in Real-Time Via Smart Devices

Lower the Burden of Server Monitoring

Track and Review Past Activity Log

Smart Office

Automatic On-Off Electric Appliances

Enable the ability to set On-Off time period as you wish. In addition, the system can collaborate with smart sensor which allow the lights and air condition to be on and off only when there is someone in the room or in such area.


Smart Meeting Room Booking System

Users can check the availability of the meeting room in real time via application on smart devices or tablet that is installed in the area. More importantly, lighting, air-condition and other electric device can be set to be off when there is nobody using the room or to be on when somebody step into the room to reduce unnecessary electricity cost.


Visitor and Parking Management

With this solution, the system would count the number of in and out cars entering the properties and monitor the remaining parking slot for other visitors with automated entering barrier and parking card pick up.


Unleash your production productivity with autonomous mobile robots, a high flexibility, faster, and accurate. This industrial robot can be programmed to move an object from one place to another in routines without controlling by human and in fact, manage the production flow easier and safer. With an advancing in censoring technologies, it enables the robot to detect obstacles and direct itself to the located programmed position autonomously which would reduce human error and incredibly increase value-added to the business.


Increase and Improve Working Performance

Decrease Downtime in Each Working Process

Reduce Chance of Human Errors

Save Cost wisely

Enhance to Higher ROI

Safety Functions for All Kinds of Business

  • Access control Automation, License plate detected
  • Face Recognition to protect trespasser
  • Detect unusual human behavior that might lead to unlawful acts
  • Measuring body temperature, recorded and notify abnormal body temperature by using thermal radiometry technology
  • Movement detected, Accurate and precise even in the dark with exposure compensation technology and Infrared system
  • Supported multiple AI features for various multiple purposes
    > Check and control the density of people within the specific area regarding preventing an unexpected situation such as an accident
    > Detect fire and smoke
    > Protect intrusion to a specific area by detecting and notifying the authority of the commander in chief to prevent such incident and losses for various purposes

Why MOBOTIX IP Camera?

  • Ready to use with built in software and SD card, does not need to further buy server storage
  • With Decentralized system, every single camera is working separately, meaning one down, the rest still operate
  • High level of security verified and guarantee by SySS GmbH, Germany
  • Prestige quality made, high durability

Access Control System

Protect trespassing and manage people who access to the property with picture recording and identification.

Accessible password encrypted

Fingerprint scanning

Card authentication

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